Foundation and Base Comparisons + Swatches: Nars, MAC, Revlon & More

So I thought it would be helpful to some readers if I did a comparison of the foundations and other bases I currently use; highlighting the different coverages they offer and most importantly the differences in colour. I'm including MAC Studio Finish Fluid (£21.50), Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser (£29), Sleek CC Cream (£8.99), Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Foundation (£31), Revlon ColourStay Foundation (£12.49) and Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation (£32). Picture-heavy post ahead!


I've ordered them in terms of coverage; so the Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser (review here) is my lightest coverage and MAC Studio Fix Fluid being my heaviest. I'm sure plenty of people don't consider  the Studio Fix Fluid a heavy-coverage base, but it's the heaviest I own! 

The Nars, along with the Sleek CC Cream (review here) are the ones which aren't really foundations, and the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is a proper foundation but it's pretty light coverage. The Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation is a medium-coverage foundation, whereas the MAC and Revlon ColourStay Makeup for Oily/Combination Skin are my fullest coverage. There really isn't much between the two of them in terms of coverage to be honest!


As you can see, I have 3 which have a neutral base (Revlon, Dior and Sleek) and 3 which have more yellow undertones (MAC, Bobbi Brown and Nars). For me, the neutral ones match my face better but the yellow ones blend better into my neck (as you can see from my arm I definitely have more yellow undertones), personally I prefer the yellow ones. Particularly with the MAC, it kind of looks like I'm applying a colour completely different to my face, but once it's applied and blended it looks right. The Dior is definitely the furthest from being a match for my skin-tone, which I'm disappointed about, as I went to great lengths to try and get the right colour. (N.B. some of the names are so wordy I'll shorten them to the brand name at times!)

My Shade Matches...
MAC Studio Fix Fluid: NC40
Revlon ColourStay Makeup for Oily/Combination Skin: 330 Natural Tan
Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation: 030 Medium Beige
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation: 4.5 Warm Natural
Sleek CC Cream: Light
Nars Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser: St. Moritz

(Pictured left with flash, right without flash, from the top: Nars, Sleek, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Revlon and MAC)



Finish and Wear

Nars: Not quite a matte finish but not dewy either. Wears well throughout the day, even on my shiny face!
Sleek: Will reduce the shine already in your face but has a pretty dewy finish. Wears reasonably well.
Bobbi Brown: Slightly dewy finish. Wears pretty well but I have to powder it throughout the day.
Dior: A fairly dewy (but not shiny) finish. It wears ok, but can go patchy on sweaty parts of your face.
Revlon: I was really impressed with how matte this stays (there's a version for dry skin too, by the way), I can go without powdering my face all day and I won't look like someone just rubbed a load of olive oil in my face (like I usually do!). It wears really well throughout the day. I still have full coverage at the end of my working day even without a primer/setting spray.
MAC: This applies really matte, but I do have to top it up with powder after a few hours. I wears really well throughout the day; it's my go-to for nights out.

Other Factors

SPF: the Nars contains SPF 30, the Sleek SPF 29, the Bobbi Brown SPF 15, the Dior SPF 15, the Revlon SPF 15 and the MAC SPF 15 

Application: The Nars can come out a little fast as it's so fluid. The Sleek can be a little hard to get out of the tube as it's quite gloopy. I don't have any problem applying the Bobbi Brown or Dior. The Revlon doesn't come with a pump and it isn't possible to buy one separately, which is a major drawback; it's pretty gloopy and it's hard to get the right amount out (not to mention it's not very hygienic!). The MAC is easy to apply if you buy the pump, which is available separately (it's a bit of a joke such an expensive brand charges you extra for this necessity, to be honest!).

Final Scores

Best for Day: Bobbi Brown

Best for Night: MAC

Best Colour: Bobbi Brown

Overall Rankings:
1. MAC
2. Bobbi Brown
3. Nars
4. Revlon
5. Sleek
6. Dior 

What are your favourite foundations? :)

Jasmine x


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