Sleek Lip 4 in Siren Review

This is one of the bits I got for my birthday. I wanted this one because it is quite different to what I'd normally wear and I've been wanting to get a nice orangey colour. I really liked my Lip 4 in Ballet (which I need to review!) so thought this would be a good option.

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So, as always there are 4 complimentary shades. This time they're oranges, reds and pinks, with matte, gloss and satin finishes. 

The shades are themed, as always, and Siren includes a red gloss called Love Me, a sorbet pink satin called Desire Me, a light peach satin called Miss Me and a tangerine orange matte called Kiss Me. 

The palette comes with a little brush, which isn't as bad as some I've seen in cheap palettes, but is still small and fiddly. And as usual with Sleek it comes in sturdy black packaging with a nice big mirror.

Below is what they looked like before and after use. As you can see, Love Me is by far the glossiest texture, followed by Miss Me. I liked the look of all of them in the palette, though Miss Me is probably my least favourite and I don't think classic reds like Love Me suit me that much. 

These are the swatches, on the left is without flash and on the right is with. And they run from top to bottom in the order Love Me, Desire Me, Miss Me and finally Kiss Me.


First off, I tried out Love Me. I don't think it comes across as much when applied but it does have a slightly orange tint as well as being a Hollywood red. It wasn't the easiest to apply, with it being a gloss, but that said I like it a lot more than I expected. Also being a gloss it's staying power wasn't amazing. Overall I see myself wearing this one the least.

Next is Desire Me, the pinky coral. I think this is probably my favourite of the lot. It's so pretty and summery and I really like the satin finish; it isn't as messy or shiny as a gloss but gives a similar finish. The only downside of this one is that, whilst it lasted longer than the gloss, it did fade fairly quickly and when it did it stained and didn't look good.

This next one is Miss Me. This was a lot nicer on than it looked in the palette. It's a little messy to apply and it isn't easy to get a good finish and it didn't last that long. However it didn't stain, faded evenly and the colour is nice and a lot lighter than I'd expect to suit me.

Finally I tried out Kiss Me. I actually really like this and I'm not usually a fan of mattes. It took a lot longer to build up a nice colour than the others but it's surprisingly wearable. It was slightly drying and didn't look great when it faded (though it did last a while), however I really like the finish when first applied.

Overall I'm really pleased with Siren and out of the 3 Lip 4 palettes I own, it is the only one where there isn't one shade that's a complete write-off. I think the selection of colours is perfect for summer and would suit a lot of people.


Love Me

* Gloss finish
* Red with slight orange undertones
* A little messy to apply
* Didn't last long
* I personally don't think it's the most flattering shade for me but it is a lot better than most true reds I've tried


Desire Me

* Satin finish
* Coral/sorbet pink
* Easy to apply
* Flattering shade for lots of skintones
* My personal favourite in Siren


Miss Me

* Light peach 
* Satin (on the glossier side) finish
* A bit messy but easier to apply than Love Me
* Difficult to get a nice finish
* Didn't last long, but the fade was even and not noticeable


Kiss Me

* A true but subtle orange
* Matte finish
* Not too drying
* Lasted a while but when it faded it went into the cracks of my lips and looked quite messy


Siren Overall

* A selection of colours for anyone wanting to try out orange shades
* If you prefer to wear only one sort of finish this probably isn't for you, but if you want to try out a variety, this is perfect
* They are all very different colours but they are complimentary so can be mixed together
* There are shades for both day and night
* Even if you only like the look of half of them, it still works out as excellent value as these palettes cost just £8.99



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