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Aussie sunscreen brand Ultraviolette is one of my favourites - you can check out previous reviews of their products here - so I was really excited to see they'd launched not one, but two, new formulas. I've been testing them out for the past couple of weeks and these are my thoughts...

Let's start with the Fave Fluid Ultralight Skinscreen SPF 50+* | £37. I know some people don't like fragrance (especially in chemical sunscreens), and the other Ultra Violette formulas I often recommend do contain it, so this is for you guys! Additionally, this has a much less dewy finish, so will be suitable for more skin types, including oily. This has a super-fluid milk texture that dries down to be pretty much traceless on the skin, but provides a high level of broad-spectrum protection, tested to stringent Australian standards. It utilises modern filters such as Tinosorb S and Uvinal T 150, which are more cosmetically-elegant and less likely to cause skin irritation than some of the traditional filters you find in US-formulated sunscreens. I've been loving using this product; it melts into my skin so easily (though given how fluid it is, it took me a couple of uses to get used to applying it) and it sits nicely under my makeup without ever pilling up (I've tried it alongside a number of skincare and makeup products now with no issue). I've linked a demo below showing how it goes on but also how makeup works over the top of it. It's a great sunscreen for people who don't like sunscreen! It's so quick to apply and the texture is so light, it take almost no additional effort to incorporate it into your routine.

For topping up your coverage over makeup, Ultra Violette also launched the Preen Screen Reapplication Mist SPF 50+* | £32. Mists aren't the perfect reapplication method; even with pump action packaging like this, some is going to be lost to the atmosphere, however I like to keep it real and there's no way that if I'm out at a beer garden or on a European city break I'll be getting out my sunscreen and makeup sponge to carefully attempt to re-apply my original formula over makeup. A generous spritz of a mist is much better than nothing, which is my alternative when I'm out and about in the sun whilst wearing makeup. This product is actually formulated with a lot of added skincare extras like a Vitamin C derivative, niacinamide, moisturising plant oils and soothing anti-inflammatory extracts. This comes out surprisingly finely, so there are no awkward droplet marks left on my skin and it doesn't mess up my makeup, so it gets a big thumbs up from me. This definitely has a dewy finish, which is great for me and my dry skin, but I would say that if you're oily: it might not be for you. In the heat and with repeated re-applications throughout the day, it might start to look a little bit shiny!

Check out my demos of both products here.

Have you tried either of the new launches?

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