My Shopping Trip to the Trafford Centre: Muji, Rimmel & River Island

I don't often get to visit the shopping Mecca that is the Trafford Centre; to get there on public transport I have to go into town and then back out again, by which time I might as well just shop in town. But this past weekend I had a quick trip there as my mum drove me, and this is what I bought...

I feel like I haven't had new clothes in forever; mainly as the high street really hasn't been inspiring me much these past couple of months. Even when I have got clothes it's been from ASOS! However I'm really liking the look of River Island's Autumn/Winter collection. There was this really cute black skater dress with a leopard print Peter Pan collar (£38, here), which I quite like the look of for work. Plus these beige jeans are just everything you want from jeans in the Autumn months! Unfortunately they aren't currently made in the long leg option and if I'm paying £45 for a pair of jeans I'll be wearing all the time I definitely don't want them flying half-mast! But I love the Molly jeggings River Island do; they're amazingly comfy and breathable.

I ended up getting this lovely floral burgundy top (£26, buy here). I thought it was the perfect adaptable piece; I can wear it with a jacket and smart black trousers to work or with black jeans and heels to go out for a meal or a drink. Also it's not too dressy to wear in the day, plus (unlike most boxy tops) it isn't cropped! (Although it is listed so online, which is bizzarre as I'm pretty tall and it wasn't on me!)

Next I got myself this set of Acrylic drawers from Muji (£24.95, buy here), plus a little pen pot (£1.95, buy here), both to store my makeup in. I absolutely love these; they're exactly what I was looking for, they look pretty, they go with everything and most importantly I can quickly see what's inside each drawer! I have my lipstick holder coming from Hong Kong then finally my beauty storage will be done! Moving my lipsticks into there will also free up some space in the Muji drawers. Here's my current set-up:

I also picked up the Rimmel Brow This Way brow gel (buy here). It was at the introductory price of £2.99 instead of £3.99 (both in Boots and Superdrug). I had intended to get a tinted one too but there was only a Medium Blonde one available so I just got it in Clear. Although I like the e.l.f. Brow and Lash duo, it really doesn't last very long and it's not always convenient to have to wait for a delivery to get something this essential. So if I like this it would be a good alternative for inbetween e.l.f. orders.

Although it isn't a huge amount, I don't think I was particularly restrained considering we were only there 2 hour including lunch! But there you have it! 

Jasmine x

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  1. I have some storage like that too! Your make-up looks fabulous in it! Gemma x


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